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where children turn budding poems into flowering perfection, plus, learn to store, safely view, and share precious writing, critiques, and poetry pages. All of this and more is easily accomplished using MSAP's innovative poetry-writing and poetry collecting techniques. Site master and program creator, R. Renée Bembry, has taught many children to write and learn from poetry. Girls and boys alike who thought they could not write, or did not think they had an interest in poetry, discovered the beauty and fun poetry brings and turned out wonderful poems.


Dolphin - Motion Sick

By R. Renée Bembry
AKA Silly Mommy

By R. Renée Bembry
AKA Silly Mommy

I came to see the dolphin

I came to see their tricks

I came to watch their smooth bods

Glide through water so slick

But I missed all the dolphin

And I missed all their tricks

For while they were performing

I got motion sick

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School Bus Trip Poem

This kid really had problems
when it was time to take a trip!

"In about an hour,"
Called the captain
of the ship.
"We're likely to spot dolphin
On this Catalina trip.
So hop aboard.
And take a seat.
This dolphin sight
Cannot be beat!”

An unexpected pleasure—
I thought
Heading for the deck.
Turning on my camera
Bat-te-ry usage I check.

Meter displays
I have full charge
To film dolphin
From this here barge.
I sit down across from the rail;
Share the cool breeze that
blows the sail.

I envision blue water
Spouting from dolphin heads.
I envisage their bodies;
Pretend they’re eating squids.

Their slick
Gray torsos nosedive.
Then, leap out of the sea—
Way high above the water
As joyous as can be.

“All aboard,” calls a shipmate
“It’s time for us to sail.”
The ship is prepared to go
Down to the last detail.
I sit back and I notice
A churning in my gut.
I eat four saltine crackers
To soothe this nausea.

Stretching across the bench as
Boat sails across the sea
I give in to the sickness
That's enervating me.
I vomit all my crackers.
Then upchuck all my tea.
And all the food I’d eaten
Before quarter passed three.

In a short moment later
I hear shouts.
I hear screams.
Contented voices crying
‘Bout porpoises they’d seen.
While I lay on the bench in
A nauseating bout,
“Look at that baby pup!” I
Hear tiny tots cry out.

I could not see the dolphin.
I could not see their tricks.
I could not watch their
Smooth bods
Gliding through water slick.

Yes, I missed all the dolphin.
And I missed all their tricks.
For while they were
I lay down motion sick!

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"Dolphin" is the first draft of this mammal inspired poem based on a true story.

"Dolphin-Motion Sick" is the revised poem.

The revised poem is the type of poetry-writing author R. Renée Bembry teaches children to develop.

Comparing the poems side-by-side makes it easy to explore the author's ability to formulate and to improve poetry.

MSAP focuses on rhyming poems for a variety of reasons.

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