Autumn Leaves Poem

Autumn Leaf Piles

Raking leaves and jumping on leaf piles is a special experience children enjoy and remember forever. Raking autumn leaves is a colorful chore that also makes for lots of fun. If you've missed it... Find a way to get in on the fun! Here's a leafy poem to help! :}

Autumn Leaf Piles Poem

You’ve never fallen in autumn leaves—
Felt them crunch beneath your knees—
Reds and greens and pinks and golds—
Curves and straights and veiny folds?

You’ve never held a rake’s long pole—
Sunk its teeth in grasses ole—
Spotted with scattered leaves the rake—
Gathers together in piles you make?

You’ve never witnessed a cold heavy wind
Dispersing leaves from piles they're in
Like soft white dandelions floating anew
Held near pink lips belting kerchoo!?

A bit of frustration may first stir you up
Repeatedly raking the inverted cup
But as the leaf piles grow—again—foot by foot
You forgive whistling winds chaotic boot

Raking leaf piles—
Whether once, twice, or thrice
By and large leads to pleasure
That makes you feel nice.

Now—go on!
Jump in!
Jump in—
Most of all—
Coil around—
From your heels to your chin!
Revised January 16, 2013
© by R. Renée Bembry

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