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Basic Poetry Definitions

“A few simple terms to help beginning poetry writers get started...”

Poetry Terms For Beginners

Rhyme: Rhymes are words that sound the same or almost the same at their ends.

Verse: Think of a verse as a paragraph with a main idea and information that talks about that idea.

Syllable: Syllables have to do with how a word is separated into parts. Some words like shoe, house, and tooth cannot be broken into parts. Each of those words is a one-syllable word. Words like yellow, wheelchair, and harvest are two-syllable words. And words like camera, controller, and yesterday are three-syllable words.

Pattern: Pattern is the amount of syllables in one line compared to the lines that follow. Pattern gives a poem its rhythm. Whereas you can see the pattern by examining the text, when you listen to or recite a poem, you hear the rhythm.

Rhythm: The rhythm is the beat. Poems can have different beats. Having different beats makes poems more interesting just as having different instruments makes music more interesting.

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