Because I Came To School Hungry

Theme-Story 2 - Came To School Hungry

Young poets - if you are finished reading Theme-Story 1 {Grasshopper}, and you've written your first Theme-Story Poem, you are ready to begin Theme-Story 2 {Because I Came to School Hungry}. After you've completed the story, follow the instructions below.

*** Drawing of oatmeal in a bowl ***

Because I Came to School Hungry

    A Little Story by R. Renée Bembry

“Bye, Mom,” I said jumping from the van.

Hurrying to dump my backpack near the portable classroom, I munched on six stale goldfish crackers from my jacket pocket, and then ran to the playground for a few minutes of free play.

“Gr-r-r-rowl,” roared my near empty stomach as I sat in class fifteen minutes later. I rolled my eyes at Alex for squinching up his face when he heard the starving sound. Then I stared at the math paper lying in the center of my desk— the paper I was supposed to complete during the first ten minutes of class. Time was almost up and I’d finished only three of the twenty problems.

Simple arithmetic. Add three rows of three numbers. The kind of assignment I usually completed as easily as I wrote my name. But right now, hunger wouldn’t let me stop thinking about the hot oatmeal I left sitting on the kitchen table this morning.

“You’re too late to eat,” Dad had told me.

Mom said it would be all right for me to eat the porridge in the vehicle on the way to school. But Dad said he didn’t want me spilling all over the seat. That I should’ve been more punctual.

But, it wasn’t my fault sleepiness slowed down my teeth brushing and face washing time. Or that my dumb allergy made me spend extra time blowing my nose. And it wasn’t my fault I couldn’t find the red shirt to match my pants, or that once I remembered putting the shirt in the hamper a few days ago, I had to change pants to match a different shirt.

Whatever… My get ready for school fiasco doesn’t matter any more. Well, except for the fact that because I came to school hungry, my grumbling stomach, that didn’t get to eat its oatmeal has me thinking about food instead of arithmetic.

“Denise. Do you hear me?” asked Mrs. Washington.

“Y-y-e-s, Ma’am,” I stuttered gazing up from my incomplete math assignment.

“Please write problem sixteen on the board.”

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Kids, as you write your second Theme-Story Poem, use the basic instructions you learned in Lesson 1.

Feel free to go back to that page for a review. It is a good idea to refresh your memory when you are learning a new technique.

The main difference in writing a poem for Theme-Story 2 compared to the first Theme-Story Poem you wrote is the theme of the story is different. Just like before, the first thing you must do is figure out what the theme is. Then you will be ready to compose, that is, write your poem.

Remember to let the poem represent your own thoughts and ideas while you keep it in line with the Theme-Story.

Once you are through writing, give your poem a title, and send your typed I Came to School Hungry poem to: if you would like a free critique { will critique ten Theme-Story 2 poems for free every month!}

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Theme-Story 2 - Came To School Hungry

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