Bee Sting Poem

Bee Sting Poem


Bee Sting - A Children's Poem

Have you ever been stung by a bee?

Bee Sting Poem Bumble Bee Facts

Bee Sting :{
Again, she got stung by a bee
Its stinger stuck right in her knee
She screamed when she felt the pinch
Enter her skin one-half an inch
At once, she shoved right off the ground
Ran in the house where mom was found
Running toward the back screen door
Stepping across her fresh mopped floor
"What's going on?" she asked real quick
"Don't worry—it was not a tick"
The girl sobbed
This time she was sure
Unlike round bugs she had before
Stuck on her leg
Six – seven – eight
This one poked her
Then flew away"
"Then what?" asked mom.
"A bee," said Tom
Whose nickname sounded like a guy
"Where at?" mom plead
"My knee," Tom said
Wishing she didn't have to cry
Taking cream from the cabinet
Mom rubbed a drop where Tom was bit
Or stung rather—since bees don't bite
Still they cause welts that swell and spite
Mom put a bandage cross the paste
To make sure ointment stayed in place
Then Tom ran quickly out the door
So she could watch the bees some more
January 25,2011
© By R. Renée Bembry

Insect Facts: Bumblebees Bumble bees are quite amazing little creatures. They are usually roundish and relatively large. The bumble bee is a hairy social insect which makes a relatively loud buzzing noise. The bumble bee is a bee of the genus Bombus.

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