Children's Poetry List

Children's Poetry List

Poetry for Children and the Whole Family

List of Humorous Poems

Funny humorous poems by author R. Renée Bembry written about an assortment of subjects. Included in the mix are poems about animals, games, feelings, insects, tooth brushing, towels, food, super heroes and more.

When Ms. Bembry writes poems, she strives to bring a human element into the work so as to write poetry that touches at least one emotion in each of her readers. She gets her poetry writing ideas from watching people and animals and observing nature. She also likes to invent poems from nonsense as well as writing about scary things in silly humorous ways.

Choose poems from green navigation box on the left and be sure to check out R. Renée Bembry's first children's poetry site from the blue box that is also on the left of this page.

Find even more funny humorous poems at Ms. Bembry's Poem-A-Day-Sprint that includes titles such as A Monkey Broke out of A Zoo, The Cat on the Screen Door, Story Book Elf, and What's that Hanging from Your Nose?

The sprint is posted in a blog to enable children, and adults alike, to post titles of their own in the blog comment box. With that said, however, children under 13 must get an adult's permission to write in the blog. The poetry sprint begins here.

List of funny humorous poems found in the green navigation box.

  1. Pizza Poem Pepperoni

  2. Polar Bear Poem

  3. Frisky Fly Poem

  4. Grasshopper Poem

  5. Playing Marbles

  6. Bee Sting Poem

  7. Went to School Hungry

  8. Ants Poem for Kids

  9. Cat Poem

  10. Super Hero Mom

  11. Ride A Pony Poem

  12. Slip On A Banana

  13. Old Man Dead

  14. Betta Fish Poem

  15. Toothbrush Poem

  16. Towel Poem

  17. Imagine That Poem

  18. Autumn Leaf Poem

  19. Don't Plagiarize

  20. Strawberry Shortcake Poem

  21. Lemon Meringue Pie

  22. Bedbug Poem

  23. Peanut Butter Jelly

  24. Nutcracker Poem

  25. Limerick Poem for Kids

Be sure to check out Ms. Bembry's educational articles, children's stories, fun take on playing marbles, and much more throughout this site.

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