Classroom Poetry Workshops

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Classroom Poetry Workshops

Educators inserting zest into classroom poetry writing time...

The purpose of MSAP Poetry-Writing Workshops is to provide students an alternate form of classroom creativity and to provide students with treasurable tangible end products. The same types of products offered during in-house presentations are offered for online workshops. End products consist of classroom poetry booklets, individual student poetry designer pages, and poetry enhanced crafts. This program is also great for troops such as Girl Scouts looking to earn writing badges as well as other writing groups looking to add more versatility to their gatherings.

Information below is intended to provide educators insight as to how MSAP conducts in-house poetry-writing workshops. Tis info is not all inclusive.

Time Frame

Short-term workshops generally require about three hours of time for a class of thirty students. This time period does not take place all at once, however. It is spread over the course of two to three days according to teacher's preference. Naturally, a class having significantly more or less students may take longer or shorter respectively.


At the start of a presentation, I tell students about myself, how I became interested in poetry, how it helped me hone my writing skills, etc.

I share {via overhead projector or paper form} and discuss poems I've authored. Details regarding workmanship will be determined by class grade {1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.}.

Students will be called on to read poetry verses and Theme-Story excerpts.

Theme-Stories are discussed for language and comprehension purposes.

Students are encouraged as a group to assist in formulating poetic verses, in accordance with my instructions,as I write verses on the board. The number of verses we construct will be determined by the amount of time it takes to create them. I hand out poetry-writing assignments. These assignments will be due the following day unless otherwise agreed between myself and the teacher.


Each student receives a critique of his or her homework poem. Classmates are encouraged to provide input for each critique. For this reason, constructive criticism will be explained.

End Products

After all poems have been critiqued and rewritten, students turn them over to MSAP to be typed and printed on Individual Poetry Designer Pages. These Designer Pages may be acquired as is, or used to formulate Memory Booklets or Poetry Crafts. When Memory Booklets are ordered, each child and the teacher receives a copy of the Memory Booklet.


* CURRENTLY, ALL lecture fees are reduced by $50.00 to make this program more affordable to all classroom educators....*

Compensation is determined by (1) workshop end-product option and (2) classroom size unless otherwise agreed by MSAP and the teacher utilizing this program as follows:

Click Options for more details.

Workshop Option A- Provides Memory Booklets for all participating students and teachers.

30 – 35 students $7.00 per student + $100.00 lecture fee.

26 – 29 students $8.0o per student + $100.00 lecture fee.

20 – 25 students $9.oo per student + $100.00 lecture fee.

16 — 19 students $10.oo per student + $100.00 lecture fee.

10 – 15 students $11.00 per student + $100.00 lecture fee.

9 or fewer students - please contact

Workshop Option B - Provides Individual Student Poetry Pages.

Up to 35 students - $4.00 per Designer Page + $100.00 lecture and materials fee.

Students receive their poem only embedded in a sheet protected Designer Page.

Workshop Option C - Provides Poetry Enhanced Crafts with embedded Student Poems.        

Up to 35 students - $3.75 per craft + $125.00 instruction and materials fee.

* This Option requires approximately four hours of class time.
Workshops Only-

This Option provides Workshops ONLY. No Memory Booklets, Poetry Pages, or Poetry Crafts are included.

26 or more students $3.00 per student.

16 – 25 students $4.0o per student.

10 – 15 students $6.0o per student.

9 or fewer students - please contact

Recommendation - It is strongly recommended that Memory Booklets, or at minimum, Individual Poetry Pages are ordered with this program because the end product is likely to promote positive influence on children and their notions about writing.Memory Booklets and Individual Poetry Pages have been Discounted to grant schools special rates.
OnGoing Workshops - Considering the facts that (1) teachers/schools may want to utilize this program on a continual basis, and (2) ongoing workshops enable students to draw more from MyStoriesAndPoems’ itinerary due to material reinforcement and additional writing assignments, workshops may be conducted for small groups of students on a regular time frame. These sessions would last from one-half an hour to forty-five minutes, at least one day per week, and for a number of weeks determined on individual school/teacher bases with a minimum of four sessions. Ongoing Workshops may also take place after school.

Please contact for further information regarding Ongoing Workshops.

Items teachers are asked to provide for smooth workshop operation:
  1. Overhead Projector {If you don't have a projector, please let me know in advance.}

  2. Eight to ten white board markers or sticks of chalk.

  3. Seating Chart
If you'd like to further communicate with me about this program, and its use of Academic Content Standards as set by the California Board of Education, please Email

Thank you.
R. Renée Bembry

* Teachers seeking to combine classes for this program, please anticipate additional workshop time and add $25 per additional workshop day to your fee calculation if combined class total brings the total student count above 35. Per student count overage fees are determined by the Program Option selected above. Thank you.

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