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Single Page Designer Poetry Pages

See samples below following these insights about Designer Poetry Pages.....

What Are Designer Poetry Pages

  1. Designer Poetry Pages are poems with designs in their backgrounds.

  2. Designer Poetry on this page are portions of one-page poems.

  3. Designs and poems are not fully displayed in these samples.

  4. MSAP calls partial displays "Partial Poems" set in Designer Pages.

  5. Designer Page poems and verses are created by R. Renée Bembry and can be stored in binders or decorative boxes or framed for displaying.

  6. Assembling poetry pages in decorative binders or boxes protects the pages and makes sharing easy.

  7. MSAP prints children's poems in the same designs as R. Renée Bembry poems when children write to Theme-Stories.

    Also bear in mind that:

    1. Designer Poetry Pages make great gifts for kids to give friends and loved ones

    2. MyStoriesAndPoems purpose for developing this poetry collecting method is to provide an alternative to buying poetry books. Poetry books often contain poems readers like and even some they don't like. With MSAPs collecting system, poetry lovers choose which poems they want in their collections.

    3. Young authors can showcase their work side-by-side with R. Renée Bembry poetry pages

    4. Adults helping children improve their poetry-writing or who wish to have poems printed in designer pages for other reasons may do so when writing to MSAP Theme-Stories

    5. Poetry pages are 8x11 inches, printed on durable stock card paper, and come in vinyl sheet protectors

    6. Poetry Pages easily store in binders or boxes and also go well in frames

    7. Poetry Pages are only "Partial" until you order them

    8. Anyone can become a R. Renée Bembry poetry fan by:
      • Reading her poetry
      • Collecting her poetry
      • Getting your poems embedded in her Designer Poetry Pages

Alien Baby is about a girl birthing an alien :}

More 1 Page Partial Poems underway!

Be sure to check back for yours!

Grasshopper is the poem for Theme Story 1 poetry lesson.

Theme-Story Poetry Lessons

  1. Grasshopper - 1 Theme-Story 1

  2. Because I Came to School Hungry - Theme-Story 2

  3. One Pizza Slice Left - Theme-Story 3

Puzzled ~ Interruptions when solving a puzzle :}

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