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FREE Critiques

Kids, did you know creating poetry makes you a better writer?

Take poetry lessons and become a better writer at MyStoriesAndPoems.com.


Free Critiques

Kids requesting to add Dolphin poems to this site must follow Poetry Critique and Display Rules below.

Free Contest Poem Critiques

for MyStoriesAndPoems Members All Members enteringPoetry-Writing Contests receive free critiques for their poem entries. Critiques are emailed to email addresses contest entries are sent from. Entries submitted to MyStoriesAndPoems Poetry Blog receive critiques to email addresses submitted with Membership info.

Free Non-Theme-Story Poem Critiques for MyStoriesAndPoems Members

Silly Mommy chooses ten non-theme poems per lot of Member entries emailed to MyStoriesAndPoems.com each week for free critiques. These poems may be on any topic writers choose with the exception of the Poetry Critique and Display Rules near the end of this page.

Poems earning free critiques may be posted on MyStoriesandPoems.com for approximately sixty days.
  1. All Members may suggest ways to improve showcased poems.

  2. Member improvement ideas may be showcased with critiqued works.

  3. Members may resubmit poems showing how they rewrote them after critiques.

  4. Silly Mommy posts changed poems on pages with initial versions at authoring Member request.
Qualify for free Non-Theme-Story critiques by submitting requests to FreeCritique@mystoriesandpoems.com.

Kids— allowing MyStoriesAndPoems to critique your work (1) is a great way to get help writing a poem for school and (2) will help improve your overall writing ability.

Free Theme-Story Poem Critiques for MyStoriesAndPoems Members

MyStoriesAndPoems grants all Members free Theme-Story 1 - Grasshopper poem critiques. MSAP randomly selects Member poems for free critiques on poems written about other MSAP Theme-Stories beginning with Theme-Story 2 {for a limited time}.

Qualify for free Theme-Story poem critiques by submitting Theme-Story Poems to SillyMommy@MyStoriesAndPoems.com.

If you would like to guarantee your Theme-Story critique or your Theme-Story poem was not chosen for a free critique, use the Poetry Pay Chart on the right to request a paid critique.

Free Stories Into Poems Cover Sheets are included with Theme-Story1 Grasshopper Poem critiques.

Poetry Critique and Display Rules

These rules are strictly enforced!

(1) MyStoriesAndPoems.com will not critique or display on this website any poem or poems deemed vile derogatory, demeaning, or offensive in any way. R. Renee Bembry is the only one who will have a say in making said determination.

(2) Poems submitted for free critiques must not exceed 120 words.

(3) MyStoriesAndPoems.com asks that you request only one free critique per week.

Kids, ask an adult for help and permission before using this service...



What is a poetry critique anyway?


A poetry critique is an analysis of a poem that discusses good things and not so good things about the poem.


Why should you get your poems critiqued?


Critiques help identify areas of writing strengths as well as to uncover means for improving weaker areas.


What does a poetry critique look like?


A poetry critique looks sort of like a paper you get from a teacher after he or she writes on it to show you where you need help. You can see a few samples of poetry critiques here.

When requesting paid critiques, follow this two-step process. These steps are necessary to ensure that payments to PayPal match up with critique requests.

Step 1 Submit payment to Pay Pal according to Critique Pay Schedule below.

Step 2 Send poems to be critiqued along with PayPal receipt number to critiques@mystoriesandpoems.com.

Once payment and poems have been received a critique of your work will be sent to the email address provided from your poem submission.

Poetry Critique Analysis Pay Schedule

1 - 3 Poems

4 - 6 Poems

7 - 10 Poems

61 - 120 words per Poem

1-3 Poems
120 Words

4-6 Poems
120 Words

7-10 Poems
120 Words

* 121 or more words per poem

.05 per word
See Below

.05 per word
See Below

.05 per word
See Below

MyStoriesAndPoems emails critiqued poems to clients within three days after receiving poems to be critiqued and payment for the critiques. If your critique is needed due to help with a homework assignment, mention that fact when submitting your poem. Include its due date. MSAP will make every effort to expedite your critique. Payment must be received at Pay Pal before expedited critiques are released.

Free Critiqued Poems Cover Sheet offer applies to Theme-Story1 Grasshopper Poem critiques only.

NOTE: Critiques for poems exceeding 121 words {$.05 per word} are determined on an individual bases. Send these poems to critiques@mystoriesandpoems.com and MSAP will email your instructions for making payment to Pay Pal. Words will be calculated using Mac computer word counter. MSAP will calculate the price for you if you like.

If you have any questions about this service, feel free to email SillyMommy@MyStoriesAndPoems.com for assistance.

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