Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions Asked A Lot

Frequently Asked Questions/Site Terminology

This page is intended to explain MyStoriesAndPoems jargon and to answer questions about this site. If your question is not addressed here, email

  • Q: What is a Theme-Story?

  • A: A Theme-Story is a short story written by Silly Mommy. The purpose of a Theme-Story is to help children maintain focus while writing. See the Theme-Story Information Page for more details.

  • Q: What is a Theme-Story Poem?

  • A: A Theme-Story Poem is a poem written about a Theme-Story.

  • Q: What are Designer Pages?

  • A: Designer Pages are Poetry Pages with designs in their backgrounds. The designs are created to coincide with MyStoriesAnd Poems Poetry Pages. See the Designer Pages InformationPage for more details.

  • Q: What are Partial Poems?

  • A: Partial Poems are partial displays of MyStoriesAndPoems Poetry Pages. Completed poems laid out on fully designed Poetry Pages are available only upon ordering.

  • Q: Can I get my Theme-Story Poem printed on a matching Designer Page?

  • A: Yes. See Designer Page Backgrounds for more information.

  • Q: Will you send me one of your poems?

  • A: Poetry Pages are ordered and collected like gigantic baseball cards. You will find ordering discounts on the "Choose Your Poems" Page and on other locations throughout this site.

  • Q: How big are Designer Poetry Pages?

  • A: Designer Poetry Pages are 8 1/2" x 11". They fit well in 3-ring binders. See Designer Poetry Page slide show HERE.
  • Q: Can I have my poem displayed on your website?

  • A: Members may have their poems displayed on this site after Silly Mommy has critiqued the poems. Members may also have their suggestions for improving other Members' poems displayed on this site.

  • Q: How do I become a Member of

  • A: Ask an adult to help you at the Membership Information Page.

  • Q: Who writes the poems for this site?

  • A: Silly Mommy AKA R. Renee Bembry.

  • Q: Who makes the pictures for this site?

  • A: Silly Mommy AKA R. Renee Bembry.

  • Q: What is a Cover Sheet?

  • A: A Cover Sheet is a MyStoriesAndPoems Designer Page except Cover Sheets do not have poems. Cover Sheets are intended to be used as book covers for your Poetry Pages Collection.

  • Q: How do I know if my poem was chosen for a free critique?

  • A: You will receive an email from after submission of your poem. The email will either state you've earned a free critique or that your submission was too late to qualify.

  • Q: What happened to my critique? I sent it days ago!

  • A: Have an adult verify that is listed as an allowed sender at your email address.

  • Q: Why do I need a critique?

  • A: (1) For every one hundred poems sent to for Theme-Story critiques, there will be one hundred unique takes on Theme-Story Poems. In order to address everyone's individual need, it is necessary for your poems to be critiqued by Silly Mommy because with the exception of in-house and school related MyStoriesAndPoems Workshops, this is the only way for kids to take full advantage of this program. (2) Furthermore, it is only way for me to help with your Non-Theme-Related Poems. Free Critiques are offered on the Critiques Page.

  • Q: Does this site have poetry contests; and if so, how do you enter?

  • A: No, does not have poetry-writing contests at this time.

  • Q: Does MyStoriesAndPoems ship goods to countries outside the United States?

  • A: No. MyStoriesAndPoems does not ship to countries outside the United States at this time.

  • Q: Does MyStoriesAndPoems give poetry lessons to children in other countries?

  • A: Yes, conducts lessons for children in other countries over the internet.

  • Q: Can I enter a poetry contest if I live in a different country from the United States?

  • A: No. MyStoriesAndPoems poetry-writing contests are for participants living in the United States only.

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