Frisky Fly Poem

Common Fly Poem

Frisky Fly the Pesky Critter

A Children's Poem

by R. Renée Bembry

“Flying insects can be so annoying! Mosquitoes bite. Moths eat clothing. Flies crawl on your food. This poem is about trying to enjoy a meal while combating crews of pesky bugs—in this case—a swarm of flies. Why don't they go and make their own meals! LOL!! Enjoy:}”

Wings flapping—fanning the air
Their annoyance makes you wish they weren't there
Zigzagging around your hot golden fries
You swipe them—and shoo them—and bid them good-bye

While biting a burger your vacant hand waves
Protecting your food from the hovering knaves
You cannot look around at your fine company
Less Frisky Fly lands on your straw—so you see

In your mind Frisky flies and enters the hole
Of the straw soon as you start to laugh and cajole
Once your hand grabs chilled cup for a refreshing gulp
Fly would be in your tube drinking its fill of pulp

Alas! Its fun ends as your horror begins
You spurt out your milkshake at one of your friends
The nasty fly splashes onto your bud's face
Disgusted you puke gnus all over the place

One green one brown and one purple with haste
Start running before lonesome riders make chase
Your friend jumps up screaming
You're sure you're not dreaming
All 'cause pesky flies like to fly in your space

May 4, 2011
By R. Renée Bembry

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