Grasshopper Theme-Story Lesson 2

Grasshopper Poetry Lesson P2

Theme-Story 1 - Grasshopper Poetry Lesson Part 2

Kids, did you know creating poetry can help improve your overall writing ability?

Well, is here to show you how reading simple stories and then writing about them can be fun and educational at the same time. So, get ready to write your first Theme-Story Poem by reading the following little story, "Grasshopper". Then follow the Lesson 1 instructions below.


    A Poetry Lesson by R. RenĂ©e Bembry

Step 3- After you figure out what you want to say, start writing anything that comes to mind in the form of a poem.

Whether you choose to write a silly poem, a serious poem, or a funny poem, try to think of rhyming words as you write so you can place them at the ends of your lines.

An important tip to remember is not to worry about mistakes when you begin a poem. Save corrections for after you get your thoughts down.

For the purpose of this lesson, try to write at least four lines for each verse. Two verses, or eight lines, will be better for older more experienced kids.

Step 4 - Once - your verse or verses are complete, read them over to see if they make sense. Fix the parts you think can sound better if you say them a different way.

Look back at the story to see if there is something you wanted to talk about, but forgot. Add this information some place in the poem if you can. Correct mistakes in spelling and grammar if you have any.

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