Grasshopper Theme-Story Lesson 3

Grasshopper Poetry Lesson P3

Theme-Story 1 - Grasshopper Poetry Lesson Part 3

Kids, don't forget — creating poetry helps improve your overall writing ability:}

This page mostly consists of tips to help improve your grasshopper poem. Keep these tips in mind when rewriting your grasshopper poem. Use them for writing other poems to Theme-Stories, as well as other poems that pop up in your mind for any reason. Also use them for homework and classwork including stories and essays.


    A Poetry Lesson by R. RenĂ©e Bembry

TIP Number 1 - If you think of rhymes that may be useful in your poem before you are ready to use the rhymes, write them on the top or on the side of your paper. I like to do this because (1) sometimes the spare rhyming words give me ideas, and (2) sometimes when I think of spare rhymes and decide to use them at some point, I forget what they were. Writing them somewhere on the paper keeps me in touch with them.

TIP Number 2 - While you're rewriting your poem, new ideas may pop into your head. If these new ideas go well with your poem, and especially if they will improve it, go ahead and make the changes. It's common practice for authors to write their poems over and over again. This is a natural part of the creative process. Your work will improve only when you go through this process. So, keep in mind, rewriting is a good thing!

Learn about using Adjectives HERE

Learn about Rhyming Tricks HERE

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What's Next?

  1. Poetry Lesson 2 (Because I Came To School Hungry) will provide more tips for making rhymes and explain how to make poems have rhythm.

  2. For now, give your Grasshopper Poem a title, if you haven't already done so, and send your typed Grasshopper Poem to: if you would like a Free Critique.

  3. will critique the first ten Theme-Story 1 poems for free every month! However... You must be a Member to receive a free critique.

  4. If you are not a Poetry Club Member yet, ask an adult to help you Join HERE before submitting your poem.

  5. All free critique requests must include Membership Numbers in the emails.

  6. Poems must abide by instructions on the Critiques Page to qualify for Free Critique.

  7. NOTE: Please write the words "Free Critique" in the subject line of your critique request email so that your poem is not overlooked :}

  8. Free Cover Sheet!

    If your Grasshopper poem was not chosen for a free critique, but you would like to learn as much as you can about writing poetry, click HERE to learn more about Silly Mommy Critiques, and find out how to get your Free Poetry Page Cover Sheet! The Cover Sheet protects poems and Designer Poetry Pages you order from

    If you need help understanding how this site works, email for assistance.

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