I Love My Cat
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I Love My Cat

Cat people will often do just about anything for their cats because they love them so much. Even when these little fur balls get into mischief, forgiving them often comes easy because they are just so-o doggone cute! Here is a cute little poem for cat- people who love their cats—and that is that!

I Love My Cat Poem How My Cat Adopted Me

Oh, I love my cat
Although he's such a brat
Looks neither thin nor fat
Has yet to catch a rat

He chewed my best blue hat
Nags at me like a gnat
Squeals like a vampire bat
Sheds fur across my mat

Still his luscious silky fur
Lures my fingers—make him purr
Tender nails massage his back
Stroke his chin caress his black
Head down to his tail
So strong and yet so frail

Hypnotizing purrs he makes
Wonder if he could charm snakes
Soothe their minds like summer lakes
Calm enjoyers of fruitcakes
Sometimes he chases dogs
Through cloudiest of fogs

Mixed with milky strands of white
Ponder if his daddy might
Have been a big strong panther
That fed on deer with antlers

Stri-ped lines from head to toe
Makes him look tigerish though
The fact that he's not orange
Renders that thought discouraged

Despite all else I love my cat
For what he is and what he's nought
I've loved him since I brought him home
It feels like since the start of Rome

Oh, I love my cat
Coddle him in my hat
His ears so firm and flat
His eyes search me like that

Oh, I love my cat
Don't care that he's a brat
With him I freely chat
Would never tell him scat

© By R. Renée Bembry

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