Imagination Poetry

Imagination Poems

Imagine that poems allow poets' imaginations to run wild in lyrical glee or bliss. Putting the imagination to work with little to no boundaries is a fun way to approach poetry, whether free verse or rhyming, because just about any idea can entail tons of meanings and approaches. Poetry on this page stems from imaginary verse that intends to incite pictures in the mind that take readers to places they otherwise may not venture. Imagine purple skies and girls transforming into frogs...

Imagine That! Flock of Birds Poem Imagine That! Genie Wish

Imagine that the sun was green
The sky purple and yellow
That every street you walked down
You would have to kiss a fellow

Imagine that to give a kiss
Was not a welcome treat
'Cause every time you kissed a boy
He would step on your feet

Imagine that a girl you liked
Said that she liked you too
Only she turned into a frog
And hopped off to the zoo

Imagine that you wished you had
A very different life
For in your mind all folks around
Constantly gave you strife

Then one day when you ventured out
Of doors to take a breather
A flock of birds lifted you up
And flew you to Geneva!
Revised May 1, 2011
© by R. Renée Bembry

Imagine that you were hungry
As hungry as could be
But you were not a bumble bee
Who liked to eat honey

Imagine that you were thirsty
Your tongue was dry as sand
That when you tried to take a drink
The fountain spit out land

Imagine that you were lonely
Not one friend in the world
Then genie granted you one wish
So you wished for a girl
Revised May 1, 2011
© by R. Renée Bembry

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