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Although this site is free for all to view, a Membership Fee is required for:
  1. Free Critiques - unless otherwise noted
  2. Chances to receive free critiques for certain poems
  3. Continuation of Poetry-Writing Lessons following the first three Free Lessons {Only Theme-Stories 1, 2, and 3} are available to non-Members
Membership start-up includes:
  1. A Free see-through-binder insert cover sheet. See sample below.
  2. FREE critiques for poems written about specified Theme-Stories. What's A Theme-Story? Learn more here.
  3. Chances for FREE critiques for Non-Theme-Story poems. What's a Non-Theme-Story poem?
  4. Chances to showcase poems on this website.

  5. Sample Cover Sheet

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    When you receive your cover sheet, insert it in the outer portion of a see-through binder to make a cover for your Poetry Page Collection. Storing collected Poetry Pages in binders protects the pages and makes sharing them easy. Use your binder to store poems you submit to for poetry critiques. When MSAP emails poetry critiques back to you, print them out, examine them, and then put them in your binder with your original poems. Other Poetry Pages you can store in your binder are MSAP Theme-Story Poetry Pages, MSAP Designer Poetry Pages without related stories, and MSAP Designer Poetry Pages with your poems in them. NOTE: Mailed cover sheets are free of copyright info appearing in the website image.

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It's Easy!! Simply choose whether or not you would like to receive a poetry cover sheet with your subscription by making a selection from the drop down box and then push the Subscribe button.

Would You Like A Free MyStoriesAndPoems Cover Sheet for your Poetry Binder?

Site Members and Non Site Members....
           Begin MyStoriesAndPoems' Poetry Program for free by reading and writing about these three Theme-Stories...

Theme-Story 1 - Grasshopper

Theme-Story 2 - Because I Went to School Hungry

Theme-Story 3 - One Slice Left

Read About Free Critiques

Grasshopper Poem Critique

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