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Marbles come in many shiny colors and sizes; plus they have all kinds of intricate decorations from solids, to crystals, to swirls. Some marble games have been around for centuries while others have sprung up in recent times. Finding a place to play marbles should coincide with the type of marble game players have in mind. Some outdoor marble games, with the proper setup, can be played indoors as well. This marble poem talks about the beauty marbles possess as well as how much enjoyment they bring their owners.

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Smooth between your fingers
Cool atop your palms
Examining their beauty
Makes you relaxed and calm

Formed from fevered sand glass
These glistening little spheres
Sparkle when you roll em
Like crystal chandeliers

Wrap em with your pointer
Curving strong and tight
Shoot em with your thumbnail
Flicking keratin might

Playing games with marbles
Is never-ending fun
On rainy days and Mondays
Beneath bright burning suns

Spread about in circles
Etched deep in dirty dirt
Colorizing ground like
Polka dots speck shirts

Crystal clears and solids
Spiraled cores galore
Sing along the wood when
Marbles spin cross a floor

They jiggle in your pocket
Bust out from paper bags
Oh when you store your marbles
Watch out for things that crack!
© By R. Renée Bembry

Learning how to play marbles can be loads of fun and there are many good things to say about playing marbles.

First of all, the little round spheres are fascinating to look at. They are shiny, colorful, and full of unique patterns.

Secondly, marbles feel cool and smooth in your hands and when you hold two or more simultaneously you can make them jingle.

Thirdly, marbles are fun to collect; plus, you can get special collection stands to hold and display your favorites.

Fourthly, there are so many variations in ways to play marble games kids can play marbles for hours without getting bored...

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Antique marble collecting may be one of most fascinating types of hobbies there is.

The colorful 5/16 to 2 ½ inch light catching glass or stone spheres are awe-inspiring.

They’re great for game-play —gently if you must —and for showcasing.

When buying antique marbles, whether as a one time deal, or to begin a collection, the first thing you might want to do is...


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