Classroom Poetry Workshop Option C

Workshop Option C -

Provides Poetry Enhanced Crafts with embedded student poems for all participating students....


Hanging Framed Poems Specialty Cards

This is a two-part card. Words in balloons may be changed.

See all poetry-related and non poetry-related crafts here.
  1. Original MyStoriesAndPoems designs.

  2. Student poems with bylines inserted in crafts.

  3. As many as three different Designs may be selected throughout the class.

  4. Most craft materials provided by MSAP. {Teachers provide glue and scissors}
  5. These crafts also make great gifts.

  6. $50 Rebates currently refunded through PayPal to help educators keep costs down!


Up to 35 students - $3.75 per any craft selection + $125.00 $75.00 instruction and materials fee.

*** This option may require four hours of class time.

Please Note: Lecture fees are due at the end of the first lecture. All other fees are due at the time MSAP delivers workshop related end products. Please make checks payable to for in-house workshops. All others remit payment to PayPal. Thank you.

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*** When combining classes, please remember to anticipate additional workshop time and to add $25 per additional workshop day to your fee calculation if the combined class student total exceeds 35. Student count overage fees for this Option is $3.75 per additional student.

Contact for scheduling and answers to your questions.

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