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Information for educators regarding MyStoriesAndPoems.com's Theme-Story poetry lessons...

Author Introduction A Bit About Theme-Stories Sample Writings for Older Students

Hoola Girl and Basketball BoyEducators... Welcome to MyStoriesAndPoems.com where... Theme-Story Poem Sign

That's right... MyStoriesAndPoems.com (MSAP) uses stories, called Theme-Stories, created especially for this program, to encourage children to hone their writing skills.

Writing improvement techniques are performed using poetic verse because poetry-writing is a great means for improving one's overall writing ability. In other words, MSAP provides students an artistic form of activity that is also academic by design.

But that's not all... For their writing effort and as added incentives for students to continue improving their writing skills following program completion, MSAP provides treasurable tangible end products they can cherish for years to come. These end products consist of Classroom Poetry Booklets, Individual Student Poetry Pages, and Poetry Enhanced Crafts.

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Who is R. Renée Bembry?

R. Renée Bembry, is an author who's spent a number of years perfecting her ability to write novels and poems. Now she shares that knowledge so others may learn from it. She has poems published in children's educational reading materials and educational websites as well.

Ms. Bembry is the Webmaster of this Website {MyStoriesAndPoems.com} and other sites including her first site FunnyPoemsForkids.com.

Ms. Bembry writes all the stories and poems, and draw most of the pictures found on these sites that are directly related to the sites with the exception of poems displayed on the 'Kids' Page' at FPFK and the 'Kids' Critique Page' on this site.

Below is her email address for your convenience SillyMommy@MyStoriesAndPoems.com.

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More About Theme-Stories and MyStoriesAndPoems' Program
As stated to the left, MSAP's program uses Theme-Stories while teaching children to hone their writing skills.
MSAP also uses Theme-Stories to aid children in reading comprehension.
By design, Theme-Stories are short, child friendly, and written at different levels for different age groups.
MSAP uses these mini stories for a variety of reasons including the following:
To reduce children's tendencies to stray from main ideas when writing.
Theme-Stories assistance writing increases children’s ability to remain focused because they write primarily about Theme-Story perceptions.
The Theme-Stories technique encourages children to pay greater attention to prose details and to give feedback regarding their readings.
When children are focused, poetry-writing can become a fun and easy writing improvement tool capable of assisting them in any writing assignment.
Poetry-writing provides a form of instant gratification that is reinforced when children see their work printed on MSAP Designer Poetry Pages, included in student Memory Booklets, and turned in to Poetry Enhanced Crafts they can display or gift to loved ones.
The Theme-Story System allows children to gain confidence in their overall writing ability. The more poems they write using Theme-Stories as a guide, the more their ability to remain focused improves. Eventually, their ability to focus on their own ideas, as opposed to left and right field straying, proliferates.
Reading poetry is a great way to improve word annunciation. Therefore, when children read their poems aloud, they are likely to improve their diction. {Read my article about using poetry to improve word pronunciation.}
MyStoriesAndPoems encourages children to read poetry books, and to utilize resources such as dictionaries, thesauruses, synonym and antonym guides, and rhyming aides in paper form and online. Practicing poetry writing in conjunction with utilizing educational resources intensifies children’s learning experiences.
Last, but not least, MSAP created the Theme-Story Poetry-Writing Technique because owner, R. Renée Bembry, thoroughly enjoys teaching children to write poetry and believes it is important to keep the arts alive!

In the midst of your shadow
I ride your shirt tail
Till at last your potent lessons
taught very well Embedded in my mind
reach for the skies Leading me to reach heights
diminished otherwise R. Renée Bembry

Short Stories

by R. Renée Bembry


"Come with me little girl," directed a deep voice in a policeman looking uniform. Annie knew he wasn't a policeman though because he wore a star shaped badge. Policemen in her town wore oval badges; and her brother had told her people called security guards worked in this store. But, security guard or policeman, Annie knew... Read more here.


Mom the Clown...

It was going to be a great surprise when Mom dressed in her new clown outfit. Wanting to work as a clown for years, she had finally taken steps to pursue her dream. Dad accepted the package with the clown suit inside yesterday when the deliveryman rang the doorbell. Mom couldn't get the door because she lay sick in bed. Although it was Saturday, Dad had gone to work. Mom assured him he could leave without regrets as long as he left homemade soup in the fridge. Warming up a bowl of soup in the microwave would be cinchy. Even Joseph, the eldest brother, who was eleven, could help mom with... Read more here.

Students need extra help with beginning mathematics? Read and print R. Renée' Bembry/Silly Mommy's article here.

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