Theme-Story 1 Grasshopper Poem

Grasshopper Poem

Theme-Story 1 - Grasshopper Poem



    A Story Related Poem by R. Renée Bembry

A grasshopper jumped on the sidewalk

While Jenny was skipping her rope

She kneeled to examine its thin wings

And then she decided to grope

But when Jenny picked up the insect

It driveled brown tobacco juice

She didn’t want bug juice on her hand

So she let the grasshopper loose

Grasshopper’s long body

Antennae and eyes

Fascinated Jenny

Though she’d put it down

She cared ‘bout its safety

And where it was at

It looked like a snack for

A dog or a cat

Jenny pulled a twig from

The branch of a tree

Let insect climb on while

She cropped on a knee

Then rushed to the backyard

Where grass was quite long

Held twig to the ground so

Bug friend could climb on

To a tall

Blade of grass

Shiny light green

Hopeful grass

Would make bug

Harder to see

Into the high grass

Bug crawled from the stick

Hiding and eating

Green blades lush and thick

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