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Theme-Story Concept Informational Overview

Turning stories into poems...

The first thing to understand about is the concept behind R. Renée Bembry's poetry writing program.

This program was created to address the fact that children often lose their way when writing. Straying while writing causes children's wording to deviate from subjects they're writing about. R. Renée Bembry - AKA Silly Mommy - teaches children to stay on topic by writing about stories called Theme-Stories.

Theme-Stories & Theme-Story Poems Explained:

  1. Theme-Stories are MyStoriesAndPoems' short stories used to aid children in poetry-writing and reading comprehension. Theme-Stories are short, child friendly, and written at different levels for different age groups.

  2. They are labeled "Theme-Story 1", "Theme-Story 2", etc.

  3. Theme-Story Poems are poems children write about Theme-Stories. also writes poems about Theme-Stories. These poems are added to the site as they become available with their accompanying "Designer Poetry Pages".

  4. When used together Theme-Stories and MSAP Poetry Writing techniques aim to teach children to stay on topic when writing. Once learned, these techniques may be applied to classroom writing assignments.

  5. After children complete poems about Theme-Stories they may submit them to for critiques.

  6. Children may also have their poems displayed on this website at MSAP discretion.

A Little More Info

  • MyStoriesAndPoems welcomes Non-Theme story related poems.

  • Find information about critiques for Non-Theme story poems on the Critiques Page.

  • MSAP references to Non-Theme-Story related poems refers to poems written on any subject a writer chooses that is not a MSAP Theme-Story..

  • MSAP references to Non-Theme-Story poetry critiques refer to poetry critiques on any type of submission that is not based on a MSAP Theme-Story.

  • The following exceptions apply to poetry critiques and poetry placment on this website.

    1. will not critique or display on this website any poem or poems MSAP deems to be vile, derogatory, demeaning or offensive.

    2. and its owner are the only entity or person possessing a say in making determination of which poems may or may not be posted at this website.
  • Theme-Story Poem critique requests must be emailed to

  • Non-Theme-Story related poem critique requests must also be emailed to

  • NOTE: Membership is required for some critique requests. Please see Membership Information.

  • For more detailed Program Information please visit MyStoriesAndPoems' About The Hostess page.

  • Thanks for visiting!

    Begin Program.... Kids, enter here to read and write about a Grasshopper!

Theme Story Poetry Lessons

  1. Grasshopper - 1 Theme-Story 1
  2. Because I Came to School Hungry - Theme-Story 2
  3. One Pizza Slice Left - Theme-Story 3

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