Bedbug Bites Poem

Biting Bedbugs Poem

When Bedbugs Bite

Can you stop bedbugs before they make you itch? Unlike mosquitoes that fly around buzzing in human ears allowing their intended victims to hear them, bedbugs sneak out at night while their prey is asleep.

Due to their sneaky behavior, bedbugs spend as much time as they want gorging human blood like infamous vampires.

When Bedbugs Bite Poem How to Identify Bedbug Bites Can Bedbugs Transmit Diseases?

When bedbugs bite
There is no fight
You keep sleeping
Right through the night

Morning finds you
Without a clue
Eating breakfast
Delicious too

Happy and gay
Without delay
You head outside
To run and play

No sooner than
You’re on your way
You feel a tingle
Itching… Hey!

Yes an itch
Is in your skin
You rub it just
As it begins

Delicate rubs
Like silky fins
That make you rub
And rub again

Initial rubs
Do not relieve
The burning pain
Beneath your sleeve

So you proceed to
Rub some more
But this time
Harder than before

Before you know
You’ve rubbed and rubbed
Then scratched until
Your skin turned sore

Good gosh your leg your arm your back
Itch so much you cannot keep track
You wonder if a tiny flea
Has made you itch in agony

You rub although
You cannot see
Bumpiness near
That piercing pain
That would somehow
Help you explain
Why this excruciating itch
Makes you scream in soprano pitch

Red spots appear
Atop your skin
Behind your ear

Under your shirt
Beneath your socks
You think you've
Caught the chicken pocks

What happens is
I must tell you
Bedbugs bite while
You're in a snooze

In this vile way
You do not see
The trail of bugs
Crawling on you

But that's not all
You see—those pests
Do something you
Might never guess

They numb you so
You will not feel
Their pinches and
To keep you still

That's right
Those sneaky little bugs
Have tricks to keep
You guessing how

One sec your skin
Looks and feels fine
The next—blotches!
That blow your mind! February 11, 2011
© by R. Renée Bembry

Knowing you have been bitten by bedbugs may not be easy at first because when these pests bite people are usually asleep. Hours or even days may pass before itching or other signs of bedbug bites occur.
Flea and mosquito bites are noticeable almost immediately because their bites can be felt penetrating the skin and causing immediate itches. Both these pests may be felt crawling or landing on your... Read the complete article here.

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Calamine lotion is for topical use only and should never be ingested. Call 911, poison control, or emergency room personnel immediately if calamine lotion is swallowed. The number for poison control in the United States ( at date of this writing) is 1-800-222-1222.

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Prior to using calamine lotion, patients should notify their prescribers or pharmacists of any known allergies they have. This includes if they have had reactions from calamine products before.

Calamine lotion may interact with other medicinal products. Patients should notify doctors and or pharmacists of other medications they are using before using calamine lotion. This includes other skin medications.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding women should consult... Read more here.

Bedbugs carry human viral and bacterial agents that, in theory, could cause diseases. Bedbugs also carry protozoa and parasitic worms. What is more is that bedbugs leave fecal droppings in places such as mattress folds, sheets, blankets, sofas, and possibly even in pajamas or body parts on which the insects crawl.

Typically, bedbug germs are found in bedbug saliva and around bedbug mouthparts. Bedbugs insert these germy mouthparts into victims while biting or stinging them. Unlike mosquitoes and fleas that possess only one biting part, bedbugs have two biting parts. Both biting mouthparts are...Read full article here.

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Having a wart could make you feel worse than if you have a pimple. People tend to view warts as gross or nasty. If you find yourself with one of these unsightly skin elevations or you are looking to help someone else rid their obtrusion, you should know there are safe procedures that can help remove warts.

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Hives, Another Itchy Predicament
How to determine what's causing hives...
Hives may erupt across your body for a number of reasons. These reasons may or may not be due to the presence of germs.

In addition, all people with hives do not have the same "triggers" that produce onsets of hive outbreaks.

For this reason, when experiencing hives for the first time, it is imperative to must recall everything you ate or drank within the previous two hours or so. Recalling whether or not an insect bit you in the same space of time may be helpful as well. This could prevent mistaken hives for insect bites. Likewise, recollecting medications recently taken, if any, could prevent confusing hives with reactions to medications.

Animals, plants, heat, and cold could also trigger hives outbreaks. This means hives... Read the complete article here.

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